A New Year Reflection of 2018 – by Shiela Reed

A year in review.. while there have been majorly significant events occur in my personal life, it has also been a year of major shifting of energies for everyone across time and space.

Our world is always changing and while there have been large shifts in history, this year is one of them for us in this lifetime. While this time is one of transformation, we all are feeling the mental, emotional, and even physical effects of the energetic shifts of the universe that we do not “see”… there is a HOPE for a future of peace.

There is such a natural desire to reflect and ponder on our year(s) past, while also dreaming into the next year and our future ones. Yet innately we know we cannot linger in either place too long. The memories of the past and the activities of the future only exist TODAY. And this is when we create our new awareness.

While it is important to have our moments and live in the experiences full of all kinds of emotions, I am reminded that my fears of losing memories and/or of not being able to control an outcome often sidetrack me from what I’m needing to be present for and truly save within my heart.

I have struggled this year with anger, frustration and loss. I have also found deep meaning and profound balance. I have found peace in solitude as well as my way back to interest in connecting with people of my own choosing. I have felt weak, sad, and alone but less lonely. I have felt fierce, strong, and confident.

My experiences have been many… there has been much self reflection and following of inner guidance. I have felt an incredible shift within myself and the collective as a whole. I’ve closed the year sharing a level of vulnerability that I have frequently been too uncomfortable to share, only to find my greatest strength.

Although the last few years of contemplation and self awareness work have been necessary and much needed. (Much like a winter slumber or change of season) I feel it is time for activity and movement… a time of positive change and fruition.

I am ever so grateful to have the new tools to appreciate one of the most heartbreaking times and then one of the most rewarding times of my life this year. (I will write on these at a different time when prompted to do so) Instead at this moment I am being asked to share this broader reflection and message of a year ending and a new year beginning.

My desire is to add positive energy to this year.. I hope to continue to grow more personally and increase the opportunities for sharing of my gifts of support and guidance to those that wish to have my assistance.

This year I encourage us all to spread kindness not gossip
Share love not hate
Allow all feelings, let go of the outcomes and enjoy the experiences by being present in each and every moment.

I hope you will join me…
Peace, Love, and Blessings to one and all


“From The Funk to Gratitude”

by Shiela Reed

I thought of this title as I was driving today (which is one of my most favorite times to allow myself to be freely be creative).  I noted how earlier this week I was going  to write about the proverbial “funk” (which I was in Sunday/Monday) but then just couldn’t even motivate myself enough to share it yet.  So since today was completely the opposite and it dawned on me how this “funk to gratitude” all happened within one week.

I literally was in the feeling of a depressive “funk” on Monday and here I am today (Friday) with such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I’m in tears. The gratefulness that is in my mind and heart today is overwhelming as I look around and notice how every single thing I see I have an immediate feeling of being thankful that I’m able to see it and experience it;  feel it; taste it; smell it; and the overall freedom I have to even have these experiences.

But let me back up because that’s not at all how this week started on Monday.  When in reality there  was almost a feeling of depression, it was a physically lethargic feeling of not being connected to anything.  I also now know I’m blessed to realize that the work I’ve been doing regarding my own emotional and spiritual journey,  if you will, really granted me the ability to allow myself to be in that space on Monday without becoming engulfed in that looming feeling of potential “depression”.

Here is what I’ve learned about “the funk”.  It’s a part of life.  It comes and goes, for some of us more than others, but I have learned that the more I try to “fight it”, the more “energy” and life I end up actually giving it (if you will).   It ends up allowing it to grow which is counter-productive to what I’m trying to do…. which is “will it away”, make it go away,  ignore it, not want it, even hate it.

When instead I’ve had to learn to kind of “embrace it”, to an extent, without letting it be “in control”, as I move through the day.  What happens is that those feelings really do just eventually “dissipate”.  It’s like not giving it permission to take hold but yet acknowledging it exists.  As if I’m just “going with the flow”, so to speak.

This is something that I had really only been able to mentally understand from a conceptual perspective but now that I have been able to have more consistent true experiences with it,  I realize it had never been able to fully occur for me without a deeper connection within myself.  From doing the work and practices to connect my heart and spirit into the whole process and by frankly, gaining an understanding about how they all “communicate” i.e. our mental mind and ego, our emotions, our heart/ true self and even the overall connection to our physical body; I have found other ways to be present in my own life.

I know that’s pretty deep and “heady”, but the more I experience it,  the more it really does make sense and I find myself being able to just “let go” and” allow things” much more.  And what an enriching experience it has been on the other side of that!  Because it’s what brings the lightness,  the love,  and the joy and I know, this overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I’m having today.  It’s because I’ve been able to just let my system process in its own way, in its own time, without me “controlling it” or forcing it.  Learning to not “overthink” and “mentalize” everything has created freedom I used to only imagine!

What a true gift to be able to experience the True Heart connection and continue to be a student of life and learn and grow.  As many “spiritual” teachers will tell you, that’s what keeps our spark alive.  It is the ongoing growth we each deeply desire.  To continue to learn more about ourselves and our interconnections within and with others.  Allowing us to question,  “What is deep within us, in our truest form”?

So with that I find myself dreaming bigger, thinking about the things that I hope to bring and share in this world with like-minded people, while having a true desire to help others.

It’s days like today that I wish I could just drive, daydream, and write all day, as I share stories with you all about the things that come forward from my personal divine space.  All with the hopes that you will find it helpful in some way and take a next step in your own journey’s.

I do hope you each continue to seek your own spark and take one more step in that direction in some way.  Maybe it’s about trying something new that has caught your attention.  Maybe it’s more about allowing yourself to daydream as you look at the sky or gaze into nature.  Whatever it is, allow your mind and heart to wander with the curiosity of a child…. It feels GREAT and the next thing you know, “the funk” has disappeared.  🙂

Peace, serenity, and blessings