April Message of the Month: Gaslighting and our Choices

April Message of the Month: Gaslighting and our Choices

by Shiela Reed

Really good read about the gaslighting coming..
I have believed this for a long while and couldn’t have said this any better.
Our time is NOW
Our CHOICES will matter more than ever…

My personal lesson has been one on patience, mostly with myself, but a lot regarding other people and the complete differences in opinions and behaviors they have from me.

I’m not saying I’m “right” or perfect by any means. Far from it. I say a LOT less than I think. Especially these days. I am happy to discuss and talk to anyone else with an open mind and I try my best to do the same in return. This seems to work better on an individual basis anymore since social media and media in general seems to just spark more anger and fear which adds to the difficulty in communicating.

I’m very troubled and saddened by the events of the world. The behavior of us as humans in general is worrisome. It gets hard to find the “good” or positive when we are surrounded by the hate, arrogance, self-centeredness, and overall questionable behavior.

I get that there is fear, anger, confusion, sadness, grief, distrust… we try to see hope, happiness, a sense of direction, peace, a future that will make sense….

Honestly, it will NEVER be the same. I’ve wanted to post for a long while about my own struggles. Wondering if it would even help anyone else. Or if I’m sending too much of my own “junk” out there…lately I find times it’s hard to sleep due to worry. Worry about ALL OF US.

I do many things to try to take  care of myself, I HAVE TO as an empath. Yet the feeling of overwhelm from outside of me can still knock me down. No doubt, I’m blessed. I know this and am extremely grateful. I don’t have things within my immediate life necessarily that make me feel “low” …

Instead it’s THIS – the things I see and hear people say and do. It gives a very different and often sobering view of human kind. People you thought believed like you but actually don’t. Wondering how it is we can be SO far apart and divided. It makes me sad.

Yet the ray of light I so desperately want to cling to is the one of HOPE. That this “lesson” we are ALL to learn is truly discovered before we destroy ourselves. I don’t want to go down the road of conspiracy theories or any other place that turns into a “debate” about “what the lesson is” or why or where it’s coming from.. In reality it’s probably some messy mixture of all of it just to “prove” we are all “right” AND that we are all “wrong”…

Honestly it’s pretty likely it’s so “deep” we couldn’t really mentally deconstruct it anyway. Personally and based on the energetic work I do, I believe it is multifaceted. There is an individual component that EACH of us needs to address, and then there is a much larger context within our collective (community, society, the world). All of which will end up at varying degrees of change. Requiring us to move beyond where we currently are. Some will be miles different and some will be inches. But there WILL be different. A “new normal” WILL emerge.

I TRULY want and hope that “we get it”. Deep inside I feel the peace in the trust that “all is as it should be” and things are and will play out as it’s supposed to. I do trust…

I try to remain the observer- and not get too far one way or another.
I try to know when to share without fear of judgement or thinking that “no one cares” what I have to say anyway.
I try to know when to be silent and hold my tongue because I’m being opinionated or projecting my fears or judging others.
I try to stay positive while fighting my own inner sadness for humanity.
I try to accept that I want to feel special and needed but end up jealous and envious.
I try to be happy and share love in ways that I realize only I can do…

Clearly this list can go on and on.. but in the end of these “deep thought” kind of moments- I always come back to the reminder that the Grace I give myself is the first gift I can give for there to be ANY level of healing for myself or anyone I will impact.

It isn’t easy… most times I’d probably rather just “hide”…but sometimes, just sometimes, the creative parts and individual gifts need to be pushed out beyond the fear. We need to remember and NEVER forget that times like these are HUGE events that are changing the fabric of humanity and we ARE a part of it, whether we like it or not.

So if you’ve read this far- I wonder,

What kind of normal are you preparing to return to?

Are you awake and aware?

As scared as I am for change- I personally DON’T want life to go all the way back to “the way it was”. There are MANY areas that could be better. Personally AND globally. There are also many that I love and I do want to be the same.
The point is, we ALL have a chance to make choices – and they are all really important now. What pieces do you want to keep and what pieces do you want to let go of?

It’s up to us, but please don’t forget the importance of this time of learning…. don’t allow yourself to be part of any gaslighting. Know your own inner truth.


Much love and regards for peace

July Message of the Month: Sharing about Choices

Sharing about Choices…

by Shiela Reed

Once again there is a message about the importance of our choices…
While there was a lot going on in July energetically, it will continue into Aug… It’s important to remember that it can be “better” and it can be “worse” based on our individual choices. This concept and processing of choices comes up again and again in different forms and from different perspectives. As stated before it matters about where our awareness is and where our alliance is.  Is it within our heart or outside of ourselves?

Today I was prompted to share my personal journal entry of the day which just so happens to tie in to this topic on choices… I hope you enjoy the way it came in for me and you find a connection to it as well.

{ Lots of changes energetically the last week or so. Shifts within relationships have been better. I have been more involved with energy working which helps me so much to remain grounded and my soul to feel that I’m “listening”.
Yet, sometimes I end up feeling like I have to force myself to move in the direction of what I think I “believe” my soul self is saying (ego trick) yet I know that is not the way it works. It’s what I call a “doing loop” I often get caught in. Even when I decide to “not do” it feels weird and so much chatter starts in my head, judging.. So it’s been a learning experience for sure.
Today I woke to really feeling this lovely inviting energy opening my eyes further about possibilities and good things in the future. It warms me to being excited and embracing the newness. I seriously feel like all I want to do right now is actually PARTICIPATE in life and go out and have new experiences and see my current ones with fresh eyes.
 It’s a really cool feeling!
It reminds me of the excitement of newness and how that increases the energy needed to actually get something done. Yet I also know (and remember) that in the past this has taken me into another part of the “doing loop” which leads to overwhelm and anxiety. Often increasing feelings of inadequacy and a lack of worthiness.
And sometimes it crashes into the opposite side of the loop – of doing nothing – leading to depression and despair and a different flavor of inadequacy and lack of worth.
With both of these I now more often see doubts and fears attached and try to remember and realize it is due to not being in this present moment. Instead I’m maybe energetically a bit too far forward or backward rather than connecting to the inner guidance and trusting in what is here and “next”.
Interesting…. I have noticed now that I get to this place, I begin to “mentalize” it and try to plan and control it… by saying things like “well, if I just go skipping around picking daisies all day, then not a damn thing will get done!” – lol which is true (to an extent)
Or if I push and am hard core working non stop on list after list just to make it to another list.. I’m exhausted and angry and have no joy or peace. (Been there done that, so that one is much easier to let go of these days as I’ve learned to let go of much of that MOST times anyway 😊)
So.. here I am still working on balance. Which is where I always seem to connect back to my “choices”. Moment to moment- situation to situation- thought to thought. I’m learning to try more often to stop at the beginning and ask “what is this choice connected to?” – my heart and a future self, a past – and just a memory- or is it meant as a reminder of a lesson?
While yes there is no reason to “over analyze” – it is kind of important to ease our human systems into this zone of “stillness” so we can actually “think/feel”- with our inner self energy body.
For me I feel like this is why I’ve learned the way I have in this lifetime. I know what it has felt like to be “go go go crazy busy – don’t sit still – do it – get it done- do it better” and found that is not conducive to my ability to hear my true soul self! Instead I need stillness in all capacities and more and more these days I am the one that MUST create that for myself.
But I am so glad and thankful I even started recognizing that need… many many years ago in therapeutic processes, AA, and ongoing life experiences. What a blessing to be at this point of the journey and have bright eyes today to see opportunities and a promise for a better tomorrow- rather than sadness and defeat.
No, it is NOT always this way… yes things can always be “worse” just as they can always be “better”; just as the night turns to day – we can all hopefully find ways to connect to the openness that change can bring – choice by choice – no matter how small.
Embrace the joy in all those moments- the small and the great. Allow them to be markers for our journeys path. Find peace and gratitude in our aliveness and an ability to have open eyes that are bright with a child like excitement to learn and grow and explore. }
May I and each of you find that now…
Peace, love and blessings