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Our Philosophy and Vision

We believe all people have a true self and the ability to connect to that inner knowing aspect of their being.  Ultimately we believe this is how we all learn to discern between our inner selves and outer energies as we improve our ability for self-healing.

The Hearts Path is intended to be a safe, positive, supportive place for people to come and explore aspects of personal and collective energies as one's own energetic awareness increases.


The Hearts Path

Our Story

Is currently being co-created....

Meet The Hearts Path Family

We are just like you - on a journey to rediscover our inner High Power.   Together we can co-create a future according to our true hearts desires, for the betterment of us and those we truly love.  We are here to assist you and share our experiences with you.


Bryan Moss


 Bryan was raised all over the state of Missouri, USA, in the 1960's. Upon being raised by a minister and a registered nurse he was taught, as most people are, that the answers to life were 'out there'. In order to discover any higher consciousness he was conditioned to externalize all of his efforts. But he had unanswered questions that the 'powers to be' couldn't answer. Being a seeker of 'the workings of life' Bryan acquired a variety of skills and experiences. The EST Training in the early 80's introduced him to being accountable and responsible to the divinity within. Becoming a student of fire walking, polarity therapy, tai chi, a lover of nature and camping, combined with his affection to various arts, all unknowingly prepared him to have a calling to be of service to others. Offered through the teachings of transCodes Energy Coaches Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper, Bryan graduated from the Heart Warrior Program to become an Energy Worker, Healer and Coach with the realization that everything created is Divine Energy. And the gate keeper of all of that divinity is within one's Heart. With compassion, understanding, splashed with a sense of humor, it's Bryan's quest to introduce others to their own loving Heart's Energy, the path to the celestial Truth and unconditional Love of our Creator.

Gosia Malgorzata


I am happy to be here today , and wanted you to get to know me a little better.

I was and still am on the quest of embracing new, believing in the unbelievable and unexplainable.

I searched for God and True Love throughout my life only to discover that it is one and the same -right within myself.

Being able to feel everything around me , sometimes made it difficult to feel my own needs and often ended up in neglecting them altogether.

I truly understand how hard it is if you suddenly 'wake up' to your energetic sensitivity and while sharing it with others often makes you  feel like no one understands you, and that you don’t belong or feel like you were born decades too early.

Through ongoing energy sessions and coaching training with TransCodes , I was able to contextualize my journey and reunite with like-minded people.

Today with Shiela and Bryan we decided to share with you our hearts journey with all the good and the ugly, and how this journey is an ongoing unfolding.

We are happy to welcome you on our site and invite you to join on this exciting and challenging quest.

S Reed

Shiela Reed

I am a Lifelong Empath and energetically sensitive, lucid dreamer, newly practicing shaman, and recent Level II TransCODES energy healing coach.  I have a Masters in Social Work; a Masters in counseling; and over 20 years working with families and children.

I have always had an innate belief that there is a life giving inner personal connection to a divine creator.  Although not specifically "religious",  I have a desire for and seek a personal spiritual connection.

I have naturally been drawn to all things of nature (plants, the elements, and especially animals) and different types of mystical work.

Trying to navigate a human existence has been a challenge and resulted in a lifetime of questioning personal connections and created a desire to understand human existence and interactions.

With an overall thirst for knowledge to both help myself and others "find their way" I have been drawn to the use of many forms of the metaphysical and natural solutions for healing both mentally and physically, including the use of crystals, essential oils, Tarot, meditation, and journeying.

I have personally sought my own guidance through Quantum physics/healing, Crystalline Consciousness Technique,  Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Energy readings, and TransCODES forum to name a few.

I truly look forward to us being allowed to be part of your journey.

Next Steps...

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