Sacred Self- Healing Circle

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NEW REMOTE SESSIONS!!  Please join us from wherever you are through Skype

EVERY Sunday at 6:00pm CDT/ 7:00 pm EDT!!

LOCATION: Edwardsville IL

Last Sunday of the month in 2020

Sunday:  May 31st at 6:15pm

In person at Seams for the Soul Boutique – 216 S Buchanan, Edwardsville IL 62025

LOCATION: In Maryville Illinois near St Louis Missouri

No new dates yet –  future dates to be announced

Sessions start at 6pm sharp due to the use of guided meditation

In person at Iron Orchid Studio 2921 N Center St #2 Maryville, IL 62062

LOCATION:  In St Louis Missouri

No new dates yet – Future dates to be announced 

Sessions start at 2pm sharp due to use of guided meditation

small group session available – please email Shiela

In person at Subzero inside Project Deliverance – 5323 Northrup Ave, St. Louis MO 63110

No charge; Donations graciously accepted


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The Heart’s Path


SSH Circle format:

The Sacred Self-Healing Circle will consist of a one hour gathering during which we will listen to one of twenty-four different 20+ minute guided meditations followed by discussion.


The Sacred Self-Healing program consists of 24 steps and utilizes several layers of energy work with the purpose being to gently guide and empower us to become more aware of our energy systems and how to reconnect with our innate self-healing abilities.


Although each step stands alone, most of the 24 steps were designed in clusters of two, gradually rising in vibratory rate.  Each group of two steps utilizes the same background music and completes the process for a particular energetic resonance to be integrated.   The groups each consist of one connecting step (guided by Jona Bryndis of and one clearing and integrating step (guided by Jeff Casper of


Resonances are healing frequencies that serve as energetic alignment for each step.  Each meditation and its music is coded to a particular resonance which will be noted at the start of each recorded guided meditation session.  These resonances are the main energetic focus of the program.  Some of the steps will work with our heart’s resonance only, others were chosen to work with any mental resistances that may be present.


On a deeper level, the 24 steps are divided into 12 main resonances which incorporate the principles of the 12-step program.  The course is therefore suitable for supplemental recovery work and very effective tool to address all forms of addictive structure in our inner and outer relationships.  Through exploring the deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Inner Child, Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects, Karma, Inner Divinity and False self, we are allowing these ego-layers to transcend as we build a new foundation.  The goal is to learn hands-on tools and strategies for reclaiming our inner power and becoming aware of the ego’s stalling tactics so that we can see more options and choices than before.  Each step is designed to help us understand our ego a bit better, allowing us not only to better self-reflect and reason, but first and foremost, to experience true compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and past choices.

Next Steps…

For the Sacred Self-Healing Circle, please contact Shiela by emailing her at or click this button to link to the the Facebook event.

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Shiela’s Shaman Shack

Shiela is now offering additional individual services that will go through her private website, Shiela’s Shaman Shack.

Shiela's Shaman Shack
by Darlene Bushue

This will include “energetic triage”/(assessment); GRACE Integrity (in collaboration with; and unique sessions specifically formulated based upon your own individual energetic needs at the time.    

You may now email Shiela at for more information about setting  up a private session and price points. 

Thank you for your interest. 

Much Love from The Hearts Path