June Message of the Month: Time to do YOU!

June Message of the Month: Time to do YOU

by Shiela Reed

It has been a very introspective month.

As I sit and wonder how in the world another month has come and now almost gone, and how I thought several times earlier in the month about what the message of the month was to be.. it seemed everything coming in has been about my own need to reflect within, and then the “message” came this weekend. That THIS is actually the message of the month. The sharing of WHERE the energies of big healing have been this month.

It’s been within. It’s been within each of us individually and within our collective. It is the underlying “rumbling” – like when we are hungry but for something specific, but we just can’t put our finger on what it is. Knowing that we need to eat “something” but it needs to be “that thing we are actually hungry for” – and knowing that if we only eat to stop the hunger pains and “miss” the prompt for the specific food, we are actually just masking/bandaiding something deeper that WILL come up again later.

It’s kind of an – uneasiness- because it’s unknown – so the more uncomfortable we are with the unknown (or the more we prefer to “control” things) the more uneasy we have felt. We know this “feeling”. We also know we tend to want to avoid it. Yet this month it has come again, and even in the uneasiness, we have been able to “allow it” more than ever before. This does not mean we have liked it! We may have felt serious deep pains. Like very old scars that have resurfaced. For those that are semi aware/awake – we “see it” and know.

Yes there has been and continues to be “unrest”. Each person, each group, all having personal experiences and reactions that have effects on the whole. Even when those are kept silent.. there is still energetic movement. Even for the “unaware/unawake”. It is time…

These “movements” take on physical form. Whether we like it or not. We are here in human form, so there is a bind here. Many of us struggle to find even small appreciation in this, much less a deeper level of gratitude. Which is necessary for us to live a life of inner peace. As we learn to balance the “both” and “all” parts of this existence on the journey.

It is time… it is time to do YOU. We all will and are, regardless anyway.. the level of painfulness of it is up to us.

But the kicker is that if our choices take us to higher levels of “pain” (aka “learning the hard way”) – we have every right to be there and do that. Just remember- was that “pain”/lesson based on purposely disregarding our own inner promptings of truth or was it simply the best we could do at the time, because it was honestly all we knew? I have to constantly remind myself to have compassion for MYSELF first- or I will never be able to share or show deep compassion for another/others.

Yes, most of the time “if we knew better we would do better”. Yet I also find I STILL will purposely choose to “learn the hard way” (aka increase my own pain and suffering) – sometimes it seems to be for the purpose of “anchoring in” – so when the opposite arises and materializes, I actually “recognize” it.

Of course I continue to learn how when my ego/mind is dominating this, it actually takes me somewhere else completely. Maybe resulting in a “dark night of the soul” type of experience. But my month of June has shown me an importance in having a deeper compassion, appreciation, and willingness to “collaborate” with my ego/mind/critical inner voice- rather than admonishing it, condemning it, and wishing for it to not exist.

So another layer of “knowing better” has presented itself. For that I am grateful. I pray and contemplate and ask for an open heart, mind, and eyes to “see” what “comes next” – without the need to control, force, or direct it.

The inner reflecting and promptings from within have been deep this month. Even if you can’t exactly “see” what they are. TRUST they are there in each of us, and be open to where they are leading us in the coming months.

Be not afraid. Connect to your inner heart space and divine creation light – and drop in to the moment to moment aspects of this life.

It is time. It is time to do YOU as each of us were created to do.

Much love and blessings as we once again transition between months and time.
Our growth is inevitable. ❤


Added personal note
Upon my own reflecting, I got caught by a memory of my “best friend” pup who passed a couple years ago and how 6-27-20 would have been his birthday. Interesting how this happens and we go down a memory lane. I’ve learned to let it come and its OK. Even to feel the strength of the emotions. It is a reminder of sorts for how I can and do LOVE deeply. ❤

Thus is so true of all my BIG feelings. And I find it can feel hard to let this happen. I am grateful none the less for the “lessons” – no matter how “hard” they may be or I choose to make them. I want to continue to learn compassion from my core being.

Humbly –