CHOICES Part 2 by Bryan Moss

Choices….Picking up where I left off in Part 1, being a student (forever) of energy work I’ve come to learn there is no “good” or “bad” when it comes to energy of any type. Energy is energy. Energy has no bias or concern. Energy doesn’t judge either. Energy doesn’t decide what’s good or bad. Energy has no invested interest in the outcome. This reminds me of the argument of guns. Are they good or bad? Well, do guns have emotions and thoughts? Do they go to G.A. (well Guns Anonymous, of course)? Do they stand up during the meetings and go,” Hi. My name is “six shooter” and I killed a squirrel today.” Most of the time the answer always leads to how is the gun being used? Which leads to who’s holding it? The same thing with energy. It’s how we choose to use it…
 …which brings us back to choices. To look at choices as being a form of energy is a tough one for all of us to wrap our minds around. I know I was raised to believe in dualism. No matter what happens we always put on a label of it being good or bad. We’re conditioned into thinking/judging everything and everyone, within every situation we encounter, by that basic criteria…”good” or “bad”. As children we get “good” grades or “bad” grades. Thus, we’re ingrained with “dualism”. Dualism externalizes life in general. The word “division” comes to mind, with that age, old war strategy…”Divide and Conquer”…which is the exact opposite of “Oneness”. Dualism is really a step away from Oneness. And a step closer to ego’s passion for judgement. And of course judgement entails “good” or “bad”….
 …here’s the tricky part…I’m learning to get rid of the concepts of “good” and “bad” and to acquire the art of observing from my Heart. The divinity within our Hearts comes from unconditional Oneness. My journey within has shown me Oneness is truth. Dualism is false. My journey continues to show me choices made from my Heart gives me clarity. Choices from my mind eventually gives me confusion and doubt, where “good” and “bad” are mixed right in there. My Heart space is also where I’m held accountable for any choices along my journey. Instead of blaming others, or circumstances, I try to accept whatever is presented and, from my Heart, DISCERN the choices I should make. Discernment dispels “good’, “bad”, “right’, “wrong” and certainly “dualism”. Discerning entails aligning with what’s true for my journey on planet 3D and sorting out the programming I was raised to believe were the ways of God. As written in a previous blog of mine, “ARE YOU IN or OUT?”, the only way I’ve learned anything, in regards to my inner truth, is going within and taking an unbiased look at myself….easier said than done, but necessary. The deeper I go down the rabbit hole the more apparent it is to me that “good” or “bad” are meaningless terms/concepts. Certainly NOT the sacred rules of life, nor my personal journey. I’m learning my favorable choices are made from discernment.
 The bottom line: Under the Truth umbrella: Choices=Discernment From My Heart
 In other words, instead of relying on evidence from “out there” to give me the tools to make choices in life, I always go within my Heart and then observe any situation from there.
 And then listen….and FEEL the choice before making it. Everyone has “Heart Strings” within. Play those strings with music of introspection, learn how to discern and then choose. If it turns out to be the wrong choice? Write it up to experience and make another choice.
 My journey has been, and will continue to be, about Choices.
With Respect and Love,

CHOICES: Part 1 by Bryan Moss

 Choices. It’s all about choices. I’ve noticed my life’s journey is comprised of designs. Or designs comprised……..of dominoes? Each domino represents a choice. Slightly tip over one domino (a choice), which tilts, then falls onto the next domino (creating another choice)..and the journey continues. Is it fair to say one can choose to be on a journey or not? I don’t know about that. It seems to me all of us are on our own “journey” whether we acknowledge it or not. This journey being “life” in general.
 One person, let’s call him Guru Man, chooses to seek God in the mountains of Tibet while Sports Fan Man chooses to lay back in his favorite arm chair watching a football game on the T.V. set. Yet both are on a journey. Is one better than the other? I’ve come to realize…who am I to say? Guru Man is up in the mountains to have no distractions from the “outside” and be present. He’s looking to be at “one” with themselves/God. To be more “spiritual”. Some would suggest Guru Man is more evolved than Sports Fan Man, but is he really?
 There are no distractions for Sports Fan Man as he’s watching his favorite player catch that pass and paying attention to the stats. He’s being totally present. He’s at one with that T.V.set, his ball team, and every other sports fan of that game. Guru Man seeks to be and live love. Sports Fan Man is already loving very moment presented to him. He’s living his love. Between the two, who’s more “evolved”? Of the two journeys, which choice is more “meaningful”? Which is more “important”? Which choice is a good one and which is a bad one?
 How about neither. From an energy worker’s perspective I’ve discovered there are no good or bad choices. No right way or wrong way. I’ll share my findings in my next blog: Choices Part 2.
 Peace and Love,

“From The Funk to Gratitude”

by Shiela Reed

I thought of this title as I was driving today (which is one of my most favorite times to allow myself to be freely be creative).  I noted how earlier this week I was going  to write about the proverbial “funk” (which I was in Sunday/Monday) but then just couldn’t even motivate myself enough to share it yet.  So since today was completely the opposite and it dawned on me how this “funk to gratitude” all happened within one week.

I literally was in the feeling of a depressive “funk” on Monday and here I am today (Friday) with such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I’m in tears. The gratefulness that is in my mind and heart today is overwhelming as I look around and notice how every single thing I see I have an immediate feeling of being thankful that I’m able to see it and experience it;  feel it; taste it; smell it; and the overall freedom I have to even have these experiences.

But let me back up because that’s not at all how this week started on Monday.  When in reality there  was almost a feeling of depression, it was a physically lethargic feeling of not being connected to anything.  I also now know I’m blessed to realize that the work I’ve been doing regarding my own emotional and spiritual journey,  if you will, really granted me the ability to allow myself to be in that space on Monday without becoming engulfed in that looming feeling of potential “depression”.

Here is what I’ve learned about “the funk”.  It’s a part of life.  It comes and goes, for some of us more than others, but I have learned that the more I try to “fight it”, the more “energy” and life I end up actually giving it (if you will).   It ends up allowing it to grow which is counter-productive to what I’m trying to do…. which is “will it away”, make it go away,  ignore it, not want it, even hate it.

When instead I’ve had to learn to kind of “embrace it”, to an extent, without letting it be “in control”, as I move through the day.  What happens is that those feelings really do just eventually “dissipate”.  It’s like not giving it permission to take hold but yet acknowledging it exists.  As if I’m just “going with the flow”, so to speak.

This is something that I had really only been able to mentally understand from a conceptual perspective but now that I have been able to have more consistent true experiences with it,  I realize it had never been able to fully occur for me without a deeper connection within myself.  From doing the work and practices to connect my heart and spirit into the whole process and by frankly, gaining an understanding about how they all “communicate” i.e. our mental mind and ego, our emotions, our heart/ true self and even the overall connection to our physical body; I have found other ways to be present in my own life.

I know that’s pretty deep and “heady”, but the more I experience it,  the more it really does make sense and I find myself being able to just “let go” and” allow things” much more.  And what an enriching experience it has been on the other side of that!  Because it’s what brings the lightness,  the love,  and the joy and I know, this overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I’m having today.  It’s because I’ve been able to just let my system process in its own way, in its own time, without me “controlling it” or forcing it.  Learning to not “overthink” and “mentalize” everything has created freedom I used to only imagine!

What a true gift to be able to experience the True Heart connection and continue to be a student of life and learn and grow.  As many “spiritual” teachers will tell you, that’s what keeps our spark alive.  It is the ongoing growth we each deeply desire.  To continue to learn more about ourselves and our interconnections within and with others.  Allowing us to question,  “What is deep within us, in our truest form”?

So with that I find myself dreaming bigger, thinking about the things that I hope to bring and share in this world with like-minded people, while having a true desire to help others.

It’s days like today that I wish I could just drive, daydream, and write all day, as I share stories with you all about the things that come forward from my personal divine space.  All with the hopes that you will find it helpful in some way and take a next step in your own journey’s.

I do hope you each continue to seek your own spark and take one more step in that direction in some way.  Maybe it’s about trying something new that has caught your attention.  Maybe it’s more about allowing yourself to daydream as you look at the sky or gaze into nature.  Whatever it is, allow your mind and heart to wander with the curiosity of a child…. It feels GREAT and the next thing you know, “the funk” has disappeared.  🙂

Peace, serenity, and blessings


The Enlightenment Mouse Trap by Bryan Moss

  Enlightenment….When one chooses to go the spiritual route, she/he can encounter a multitude of mouse traps along the way. These traps have you thinking you’re progressing along your journey when, in fact, you’re going around and around the merry-go-round.
 Enlightenment…. Not the average goal for your ordinary kind of guy, or gal. To shed off the weight of society’s  expectations and rules and regulations to a state of “nothingness/absolute awareness/pure bliss”…. Enlightenment is the main goal. We begin our journeys and breathe for it, eat for it, turn our bodies into pretzel shapes for it, buy books on it, sing for it, hum for it, chant for it, we want..want..want..<snap!> the Enlightenment mouse trap just got you!
 Here’s a secret about achieving enlightenment…it most likely isn’t going to happen. Stop wasting your time and energy. Watch out!! Just when I figured out how to look within and not “out there” somewhere, then <snap!> I find myself going for the enlightenment goal. I know from my own experiences it can be exhausting and frustrating. I suggest there’s another way that’s way more productive. I had to change my perspective. The actual goal isn’t about reaching an “end’ (enlightenment).
 The goal, in this case,………….is ongoing.
 Get that? The goal ISN’T the’s ONGOING. The goal IS THE JOURNEY ITSELF. Focusing on the actual work I’m doing within myself IS the journey. I’ve come to realize this is how I can achieve wisdom. This is how I can become responsible for what I’ve created in my life. Paying attention to my journey I find a new found love and respect for myself and others. Nothing goes by unnoticed. I now proudly wear the cloak of gratitude with each experience I live within my journey. What relief! It’s not about striving for anything or looking into the future. It’s about “being” and “feeling” the experiences of life on a moment to moment basis. That’s it! Now we can avoid the enlightenment smoke screen and, literally, tend to matters at hand.
With respect and Love,

Are you IN or OUT? by Bryan Moss

 I think of some words from the opening remarks from that old 1960’s Star Trek series, “ boldly go where no man has gone before.” Who needs outer space exploration when there’s already plenty of exploring within your own body, mind and Soul/Heart? We’re raised to go ‘outward’ for help whenever something occurs. We’re told to ‘seek professional help’ when in all sorts of troubles. [Don’t get me wrong. If all of the sudden you’re having major chest pains get medical help ASAP. Don’t be stupid. Use discernment.] We’re raised to think, for the most part, that we can’t do it ourselves. ‘It’– meaning handling life’s circumstances as they occur. We’re raised to seek power. Seek ‘out there’ for answers. Look for that book with all the answers. Buy all the ‘spiritual’ gizmos and gadgets to help your life.
 But there’s one problem. You’re never happy and satisfied. You’re always looking for more. What’s that definition of ignorance? To keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results? So if looking ‘out there’ is a never ending quest of unsatisfying answers, then what?
 A suggestion….go the other way. WITHIN……. Within yourself. First and foremost, get back in touch with your Heart. Learn to feel again. Some of us have to relearn how to feel with our hearts again. We’ve become so busy protecting them, because of past heartaches, that we’ve forgotten how to feel again. And I mean REALLY feel…not think you know how to still feel. Really get in touch with your Heart. How? Remember how you use to love whomever or whatever? A past romance? The smell of your favorite thing baking in the oven? Your favorite pet? A rainbow after a rain? The tender kiss of a loved one? Just recall what that felt like. And then try an experiment. Take that feeling and apply it to yourself. How does that feel? Grateful or disdainful? Do you feel worthy of being loved? Of loving yourself? Or can you even do it? Chances are, like most of us at the start of our journey, you’re not that comfortable with it.
 Where does one go from there? Take a look at it. Why are you not comfy? When in your life did that mindset start? Not to get all New Agey and all, but usually everyone’s ‘stuff’ originates from childhood. I found when I started to take a look at those patterns in life I didn’t care for, and followed the patterns into the past, they always took me into my childhood. All of the programming and conditioning, all of the ‘free will thinking’ that was learned, any fears, phobias, reactions….all of it originated from when I was a very young whipper snapper. Can we blame our parents and teachers for raising us this way? Not really. It’s not their fault because they were raised the same way. They didn’t know any better.
 Your Heart always has the answers. Start feeling with your Heart again.  Treat yourself and meet your inner child. Get to know her/him again. Many people are afraid to do this journey. It’s confronting. It reveals our shadow aspects. It requires honesty. It  requires persistence. It requires patience to listen to our inner child’s needs and unexpressed feelings. And in time, we find ourselves reframing our perspectives of past hurts and heartaches to healthier ones. We find little “lessons”. We start to rediscover and feel the Love within. We rediscover the God source as we remove the layers of hurts and heartaches from our past.
 A quick personal experience: A few years ago, through Self-Unification and Transcodes, I did my first Inner Child transmission. After closing my eyes and recalling heartfelt feelings with the intention of meeting “little Bryan”, there was 5 yr. old Bryan standing in front of me. Shy. Not sure what to do. I greeted him and asked him if he’d like to sit beside me and talk. He began sharing stories of perceived past ‘wrongs’ at his age that mom and dad did. He eventually sat on my lap and I held him as we cried in each other’s arms. I remember telling ‘little Bryan’, “They (my parents) didn’t know any better Bryan. They truly did love you. They were trying the best they could with whatever they knew at that time. They always loved you. They just didn’t know any better.”
 After that session I felt like a million pounds was lifted off my shoulders. I felt noticeably lighter. These days, because of having done several sessions with ‘little Bryan’, I’m more understanding of other people. Eventually I realized all of those other people have their own ‘little Bryans, or Berthas, or Gertrudes, or Sams..within them…just waiting to be acknowledged and loved again.
 So are you In or Out?
 With respect and Love,

FEAR by Bryan Moss

FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL…is what each letter from the word ‘FEAR’ really stands for. This acronym was introduced to myself and 14 others during a fire walking workshop back in the early 1980’s. There I was, standing barefoot in snow, in front of a 3 foot wide path that’s a good 10 footsteps long, with burning coals from a 2 hour bonfire (which took place during an outdoor, evening, winter workshop). I was instructed to stand before the path of burning embers and say to myself, “I’m going to walk on fire now.” And then pay attention to how my body feels. If it’s totally relaxed then that was a good sign to go for it. I was relaxed everywhere except my butt cheeks. They were puckered and tight. What can I say? So since I wasn’t totally relaxed, I elected to step aside and, following the advice of the fire walking instructor, wait another turn. I didn’t want to take a chance and go for it anyway with only something going wrong and then have to end up eating God awful hospital food for days on end.
 When my 2nd turn did come I said to myself, “I’m going to walk on fire now.” Body check….. I had happy, relaxed butt cheeks so forward I went!  Walking across that path of burning embers unscathed really messed with my belief system. Yet it showed me physically things we’re brought up to believe in aren’t necessarily so. There are alternatives, or choices, in everything presented to us on our journey.
 It’s been my experience that fear happens because we don’t know what the future will hold. We want control of what’s going to happen, we want to know what the outcome is. “Going with the flow” is pretty to say, but out of the question when it comes to actually applying it. Then we start with, what I call, the ‘brain noise’ and imagine all sorts of creative stuff to support the fear of not knowing.
 I’m going to lay something on you: ‘Fear of not knowing’ is a conditioned/learned pattern. ‘Not knowing’ is a natural condition. It’s our birth right. We’re not meant to know what is going to happen next. Did you ever think about that? And out of ‘not knowing what’s next’, and just plain accepting that fact, you can’t help but to accept the given moment in front of you and pay attention to only that.
 You want to talk about miracles? Moment to moment…is where all the miracles you could ever need are. ‘Moment to moment’ takes your head out of thinking about the immediate future or past. It pauses the ‘brain noise’. It’s being present. And when you’re present you’re able to discern your next move based from your Heart’s energy/wisdom (or instinct, or gut feeling, or intuition, or higher self, or God Force or..or….or whatever you want to call it) and NOT what others think you should do. It takes a bit of discipline but can be achieved. ‘Not knowing’ naturally produces a fear within the mind/ego. As stated before, it wants to control everything. I have to remember that control equals restriction, not happiness/freedom. To want to know is NOT Heart based. I suggest it’s specialness from the ego.
 Now maybe a situation happened in the past and you can’t help but think it will repeat itself in the future. How do you ‘know’ it will? Your ego is playing with you. All of that anticipated anxiety and fear is that brain noise I mentioned earlier. Smoke screens. To divert your attention from that moment live in the moment with feelings from your heart, and abolish the fear. Or at least put it on “pause”….
 With Respect and Love,

What’s the purpose of a New Year’s resolution anyway?

by Shiela Reed

So,  another year has come and gone…  I’ve been reflecting just as most people probably do.  I found myself with this question and figured it would be as good as any of a way to start off.   So, I guess, “let the blogging begin”!  🙂

What’s the purpose of a “New Year’s Resolution” anyway?

Have you noticed that the energy and excitement often increases as we plan for “newness” no matter when that is during the year?  That is especially true at the start of a new year.  It seems to be a “natural” or automatic way our systems are wired as we are drawn to a time when we can make a fresh start .  To find and hold onto what seems to be a “solid starting point”…  this time of year feels a little like “book ends” to me.  The end of one and beginning of another… But why now?  Why “January 1st” all the time?

In reality – this could happen anytime we choose – but commonly we all feel the energetic “pull/push/draw” to certain times of the year (i.e. New Years) because the larger group/collective adds their energy too .  A bit like “everybody’s doing it” maybe.

Although that  might make a bit of sense, there is more to it than that.  The rest of the story is what makes it tricky.  It’s actually important for us to have an understanding of “why are we” making this particular choice at this particular time?

We may get a hint of this, if after the initial “surge and spike” with everyone else’s energy (i.e. everyone talking about their new years resolutions) – we make note of where our own energy goes when it’s time to sustain and maintain the new decision/commitment a few days, or weeks or months later.

Are we still as excited and focused?  That actually tends to end up depending on the true “root” of our own “why” for this new “plan”, endeavor, change, commitment, in the first place….

To me this ends up being a significant difference between when we find ourselves sticking with something vs quitting or becoming “bored” with the idea.

For example – if I were to start with my own “soul search” and that leads me to make a certain change or shift, it will be more likely to sustain and make it through the “hard times” or struggles.  If it’s due to outside expectations or “joining the crowd” and not what I “really” want or am ready to do – it will not.

It’s so subtle – we are barely ever aware.   Which is why the more we can spend time nurturing the growth of that inner connection… that “knowing” part of us that comes from that special inner true self we each have –

The more “true” our choices and commitments will be, because we will begin to more consistently feel them coming from our true heart space.

So – to test it out- see what “resolutions” stick for you this year and which do not.  And NO this is not permission to “beat ourselves up” if we don’t “stick something out”.  Instead consider going back to the beginning and determine our true first reason and starting point and LEARN something new about our individual processing systems.

We will learn to know if we are “in-tune” or not… and if we are not – we can begin to practice simply letting it go, re-assessing from our heart space – and either try again or go another direction.

On our site this year, we hope you will be able to find some new and meaningful connections with yourselves and others while sparking fresh thoughts and ideas as we each walk into this new year with a sense of opportunity for new beginnings…

Here’s to wishing you all a 2018 filled with what YOU choose, need, and create – remember – our life lessons will come in many forms, so try to be open to them all.

Peace, love, serenity