June Message of the Month: Time to do YOU!

June Message of the Month: Time to do YOU

by Shiela Reed

It has been a very introspective month.

As I sit and wonder how in the world another month has come and now almost gone, and how I thought several times earlier in the month about what the message of the month was to be.. it seemed everything coming in has been about my own need to reflect within, and then the “message” came this weekend. That THIS is actually the message of the month. The sharing of WHERE the energies of big healing have been this month.

It’s been within. It’s been within each of us individually and within our collective. It is the underlying “rumbling” – like when we are hungry but for something specific, but we just can’t put our finger on what it is. Knowing that we need to eat “something” but it needs to be “that thing we are actually hungry for” – and knowing that if we only eat to stop the hunger pains and “miss” the prompt for the specific food, we are actually just masking/bandaiding something deeper that WILL come up again later.

It’s kind of an – uneasiness- because it’s unknown – so the more uncomfortable we are with the unknown (or the more we prefer to “control” things) the more uneasy we have felt. We know this “feeling”. We also know we tend to want to avoid it. Yet this month it has come again, and even in the uneasiness, we have been able to “allow it” more than ever before. This does not mean we have liked it! We may have felt serious deep pains. Like very old scars that have resurfaced. For those that are semi aware/awake – we “see it” and know.

Yes there has been and continues to be “unrest”. Each person, each group, all having personal experiences and reactions that have effects on the whole. Even when those are kept silent.. there is still energetic movement. Even for the “unaware/unawake”. It is time…

These “movements” take on physical form. Whether we like it or not. We are here in human form, so there is a bind here. Many of us struggle to find even small appreciation in this, much less a deeper level of gratitude. Which is necessary for us to live a life of inner peace. As we learn to balance the “both” and “all” parts of this existence on the journey.

It is time… it is time to do YOU. We all will and are, regardless anyway.. the level of painfulness of it is up to us.

But the kicker is that if our choices take us to higher levels of “pain” (aka “learning the hard way”) – we have every right to be there and do that. Just remember- was that “pain”/lesson based on purposely disregarding our own inner promptings of truth or was it simply the best we could do at the time, because it was honestly all we knew? I have to constantly remind myself to have compassion for MYSELF first- or I will never be able to share or show deep compassion for another/others.

Yes, most of the time “if we knew better we would do better”. Yet I also find I STILL will purposely choose to “learn the hard way” (aka increase my own pain and suffering) – sometimes it seems to be for the purpose of “anchoring in” – so when the opposite arises and materializes, I actually “recognize” it.

Of course I continue to learn how when my ego/mind is dominating this, it actually takes me somewhere else completely. Maybe resulting in a “dark night of the soul” type of experience. But my month of June has shown me an importance in having a deeper compassion, appreciation, and willingness to “collaborate” with my ego/mind/critical inner voice- rather than admonishing it, condemning it, and wishing for it to not exist.

So another layer of “knowing better” has presented itself. For that I am grateful. I pray and contemplate and ask for an open heart, mind, and eyes to “see” what “comes next” – without the need to control, force, or direct it.

The inner reflecting and promptings from within have been deep this month. Even if you can’t exactly “see” what they are. TRUST they are there in each of us, and be open to where they are leading us in the coming months.

Be not afraid. Connect to your inner heart space and divine creation light – and drop in to the moment to moment aspects of this life.

It is time. It is time to do YOU as each of us were created to do.

Much love and blessings as we once again transition between months and time.
Our growth is inevitable. ❀


Added personal note
Upon my own reflecting, I got caught by a memory of my “best friend” pup who passed a couple years ago and how 6-27-20 would have been his birthday. Interesting how this happens and we go down a memory lane. I’ve learned to let it come and its OK. Even to feel the strength of the emotions. It is a reminder of sorts for how I can and do LOVE deeply. ❀

Thus is so true of all my BIG feelings. And I find it can feel hard to let this happen. I am grateful none the less for the “lessons” – no matter how “hard” they may be or I choose to make them. I want to continue to learn compassion from my core being.

Humbly –

May Message of the Month: Change – When Things Become Different

Change – When Things Become Different
by Shiela Reed
Remember EVERYONE only knows what we know today because we lived and “experienced” through yesterday.

Our information and level of knowledge changed based on many different levels of assessing and discerning.

There really isn’t anyone that ends up “knowing less” tomorrow than they did today. What may happen though is the fear, panic, anxiety etc of believing we SHOULD know the future which can grip us and we either resort backwards or freeze and do nothing. Sometimes we go the other extreme and “predict’ a fantasy future and cannot see compromises with that either.

The bottom line is the old cliche… most of us don’t like change. So strangely enough, the most adaptable and flexible of most species are also ones that tend to thrive. They will more often see opportunities in adversities. They can have conversations with multiple kinds of people and frequently look for a compromise. They often stretch and flex beyond “having to be right”.

Yet sometimes it’s really hard to look past our “opinions”. Especially if we ever have to admit that they are based on false beliefs, ego, and/or wishful thinking. But one thing is pretty true and probably self evident… the harder we hold on to those “false ones” – they oddly become stronger and stronger and we may end up misguided into sometimes thinking “it’s our passion” when it’s really our ego and mind not wanting to let go of control.

I’m not implying we all walk around like a box of rocks and have no “stance”. But maybe a deeper look at where our stuff really is coming from and why are we fighting so hard about it or for it? While we are all entitled to that lovely opinion, forgetting that others feel just as strongly about something else doesn’t end up making it about being “right”. THAT is the hook… it gets most of us every time… so much so, we quickly forget our abilities to have heart felt communication with others out of “fear of being wrong”.

So, riddle me this…. if you made a decision today based on all the knowledge and research and heart searching you could come up with today – and TRULY felt that TODAY was the day you needed to make this decision, how would you feel about it? Confident? Would you go ahead and do it? (Or not if the decision was to not do something).

What happens next week, if you get new information that counters what you were so sure of last week? And lets say you realize you don’t want to just “change your mind” and be “wishy washy” just because – so you again research, contemplate, dig in your heart and find out – “Well jeesh!” I have a different way I could look at this now.

How do you determine WHEN or IF you change your mind and/or behavior? Do you “dig in for the fight” and entrench yourself in only information that supports your first belief and pretend you never learned something new? Do you throw in the towel and decide “I don’t care or know any better anyway, so I’ll just start going with whatever way the wind blows”? Do you assess where you are this week and use pro’s and con’s – mentally, from your heart, wonder what other people will think, or some other criteria?

In reality, ALL of that is individualized!! I won’t do it like you and you won’t do it like me. But one thing that CAN be the same IF we would all choose it… is that we can “give ourselves AND someone else a break” (i.e. I like to call this space = Grace) to LIVE and process for ourselves – without me having to argue with you about it and become consumed by having to “prove” who’s “right”.

YOU very well may know more than me today and I may very well know more than you next week. Or not… what exactly does that matter really in the end anyway? If that is all we focus on and cannot move past that, we will NEVER be able to truly communicate or EVER feel heard.

And here is an important concept I’ve found out for myself, “being heard” does NOT equate to “getting my way!”.

We choose to live with others (or not). We choose to connect, socialize, communicate, have relationships with others (or not). We choose when and where we go, what we do, jobs, and all other aspects of our lives. Yes, even if there are certain limitations due to outer factors – we still have choices about HOW we interact – is it all about ME, only about the group, OR variables of everything in between?

If the criteria for which we first made any of those choices changed, we have a responsibility to ourselves to determine what (if anything) that really even means to us. But we also remember that we have agreed to be here with others in many circumstances and the new information may mean things need to change in those relationships, rollsΒ  and/or within ourselves.

It doesn’t mean we fight about it or cannot find a way to work with each other on a mutual outcome that benefits us both. (Provided this is the type of relationship/interaction you want).
If it is not, then walk away. Disengaging from this IS our choice and sometimes we will never be able to speak the same “language”.

Sure there are going to be times to “stand your ground” and be firm on your boundaries. But just remember, have we really given that Grace to the situation first – and thought about how “hey, maybe they are just deciding different than me because their level of “knowledge” is at a different place than mine”. (Oh, and don’t automatically think this means to imply that “you” are the “right one” and they are just “the wrong one”)

I guess we will have to wait until NEXT week to know that part. πŸ˜‰

In truth – our hearts already know it will just be the “new truth” and we really do not need to worry about being “right or wrong”. WE can adjust and change as we need to and will be just fine.

Sharing the messages that come through with love of Grace in all we do…
Peace and blessings

A hard day – Kind of

An example of how a “rough day” could end up either way.
By Shiela Reed

I didn’t realize just how restricted I was today. Mentally, emotionally, physically – which of course blocks much hope for an opportunity for an expansive spiritual or etheric experience.

As the end of my work day came to a close and I finally released myself of its grip. I went for a much needed brisk walk where I really felt the physical restriction in my body and the seize on my mental and emotional being. As my body felt the ache of just walking my mind started to let go and free flowing thoughts came back to me. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve ever felt all of this. But there was a kind of blazing hot level of awareness that came in and I KNEW it was my inner me saying “what the F happened today?!” This level of restriction is so destructive and I realized clearly once again that I CHOSE IT! Yes again it’s not a super new concept or first time feeling for me over the years, but I am ALWAYS amazed at the clarity and “brightness” of this awareness and conversation.

I wasn’t mad or irritated nor did I turn away from what I was witnessing and experiencing, instead I felt this kind of new sense of “neutral acceptance” but even that doesn’t fully explain how it felt. I truly felt it all – “let go”. It didn’t matter the why, or that is was done, but that I didn’t want it now. I could see and feel deeply that at this moment I felt strong and confident and I had a say so! All at this same time there was a flood of past along with this current time of how I have exerted SO MUCH energy trying to “live up to other standards”. So much so, that I have a really hard time defining what Shiela really wants or needs.

It’s a REAL struggle for an empath and energetically sensitive. Where and how do I fit when I have such a hard time trying to NOT always look at what makes others happy or how by me being or doing a certain way, THEY might be pleased… yes yes it’s part of an ego issue.. it’s been a regular work in progress for me and today as another layer got ripped off, I noticed it actually kinda doesn’t even sting as bad anymore.
I know it’s me. I know I can say, do, and be different. I still am working on what that truly looks like. In the mean time, I’m ok and I’m enough, just where and how I am.

To share another moment of beauty and one where I would have possibly missed the totality of the connection to the full circle of the moment…

As I walked, I went past a local skilled nursing facility. I am lost in my thought while releasing the above mentioned “stuff”.. processing my day, thinking how hard today was, but equally how fortunate I am, and I look up at one of the windows and see a little old lady standing there looking out. I have on a bright orange sweatshirt so I know she sees me and I start to waving as big as I can and smiling as big as possible. She waves back and my heart just warmed…. then, I started to sob. I felt how this made her day, the simpleness of seeing a person outside who smiled and waved. I felt both her happiness and a sadness, then I felt a message from her – “be grateful child, be grateful you are there and not here. Enjoy that beautiful walk outside, embrace the beauty around you and especially YOU’RE OWN UNIQUE BEAUTY. Don’t be afraid to share that and let your light shine”.

The tears flowed as I walked until I had to just sit with that for a bit. I sat and took at my surroundings. I let that all sink in. Under the circumstances with the restrictions at this time, I knew what she meant. Then a man in a small truck pulled up, he asked if I had heard if anyone was sick in here yet. I said I did not know since I do not work here, but I know this has to be hard on them. He said his mom was here (yes, you too thought it was going to be the same lady right?! Lol) – She actually was in a different hall and he told me how he comes each day and brings his daughters dog to show her as they go by and they talk on the phone. He said she tells him how she feels like she is “in jail”. He can’t even bring her food she likes anymore and some of the folks don’t have a window. They are not able to dine together so they are alone in their rooms.
I shared that I work in child welfare and while the restriction is hard, it obviously is meant to try and keep folks in facilities like this, where they are in close proximity- from getting sick. Yet I SO understand the hard effect this has on these folks here.
He said, “oh you’re a counselor, my daughter is too, but she is in Denver at a place hiring people”… it is hard and we agreed we sure wish there could be visitors. A car came up behind him so he said good bye and went on…

I sat and cried a bit more and then started to walk back home. In the front of the home I had a feeling, one that made me wish I could go in and volunteer time to visit with them. I decided to hold that in my heart and see what grows from it in the future… when we are allowed social contact again.

There truly is beauty in every moment if we can just let go of all of our restrictions and “expectations”. I can’t say this will miraculously make tomorrow better. In actually, I know by itself, it won’t. It can’t. It doesn’t work like that. It’s truly minute by minute choices that grow our days. They are never the same, because we are in just enough of a different space today than yesterday.

So while I hope to not forget “yesterday” – tomorrow I have to remember to make the choices that create the day I really want to see…
This was a good “lesson” kind of day and not something I’d trade. Just hopefully “tweak” a little tomorrow.

What a blessing to allow my true sensitivity to come out today.
Thank you – much love


April Message of the Month: Gaslighting and our Choices

April Message of the Month: Gaslighting and our Choices

by Shiela Reed

Really good read about the gaslighting coming..
I have believed this for a long while and couldn’t have said this any better.
Our time is NOW
Our CHOICES will matter more than ever…

My personal lesson has been one on patience, mostly with myself, but a lot regarding other people and the complete differences in opinions and behaviors they have from me.

I’m not saying I’m “right” or perfect by any means. Far from it. I say a LOT less than I think. Especially these days. I am happy to discuss and talk to anyone else with an open mind and I try my best to do the same in return. This seems to work better on an individual basis anymore since social media and media in general seems to just spark more anger and fear which adds to the difficulty in communicating.

I’m very troubled and saddened by the events of the world. The behavior of us as humans in general is worrisome. It gets hard to find the “good” or positive when we are surrounded by the hate, arrogance, self-centeredness, and overall questionable behavior.

I get that there is fear, anger, confusion, sadness, grief, distrust… we try to see hope, happiness, a sense of direction, peace, a future that will make sense….

Honestly, it will NEVER be the same. I’ve wanted to post for a long while about my own struggles. Wondering if it would even help anyone else. Or if I’m sending too much of my own “junk” out there…lately I find times it’s hard to sleep due to worry. Worry about ALL OF US.

I do many things to try to takeΒ  care of myself, I HAVE TO as an empath. Yet the feeling of overwhelm from outside of me can still knock me down. No doubt, I’m blessed. I know this and am extremely grateful. I don’t have things within my immediate life necessarily that make me feel “low” …

Instead it’s THIS – the things I see and hear people say and do. It gives a very different and often sobering view of human kind. People you thought believed like you but actually don’t. Wondering how it is we can be SO far apart and divided. It makes me sad.

Yet the ray of light I so desperately want to cling to is the one of HOPE. That this “lesson” we are ALL to learn is truly discovered before we destroy ourselves. I don’t want to go down the road of conspiracy theories or any other place that turns into a “debate” about “what the lesson is” or why or where it’s coming from.. In reality it’s probably some messy mixture of all of it just to “prove” we are all “right” AND that we are all “wrong”…

Honestly it’s pretty likely it’s so “deep” we couldn’t really mentally deconstruct it anyway. Personally and based on the energetic work I do, I believe it is multifaceted. There is an individual component that EACH of us needs to address, and then there is a much larger context within our collective (community, society, the world). All of which will end up at varying degrees of change. Requiring us to move beyond where we currently are. Some will be miles different and some will be inches. But there WILL be different. A “new normal” WILL emerge.

I TRULY want and hope that “we get it”. Deep inside I feel the peace in the trust that “all is as it should be” and things are and will play out as it’s supposed to. I do trust…

I try to remain the observer- and not get too far one way or another.
I try to know when to share without fear of judgement or thinking that “no one cares” what I have to say anyway.
I try to know when to be silent and hold my tongue because I’m being opinionated or projecting my fears or judging others.
I try to stay positive while fighting my own inner sadness for humanity.
I try to accept that I want to feel special and needed but end up jealous and envious.
I try to be happy and share love in ways that I realize only I can do…

Clearly this list can go on and on.. but in the end of these “deep thought” kind of moments- I always come back to the reminder that the Grace I give myself is the first gift I can give for there to be ANY level of healing for myself or anyone I will impact.

It isn’t easy… most times I’d probably rather just “hide”…but sometimes, just sometimes, the creative parts and individual gifts need to be pushed out beyond the fear. We need to remember and NEVER forget that times like these are HUGE events that are changing the fabric of humanity and we ARE a part of it, whether we like it or not.

So if you’ve read this far- I wonder,

What kind of normal are you preparing to return to?

Are you awake and aware?

As scared as I am for change- I personally DON’T want life to go all the way back to “the way it was”. There are MANY areas that could be better. Personally AND globally. There are also many that I love and I do want to be the same.
The point is, we ALL have a chance to make choices – and they are all really important now. What pieces do you want to keep and what pieces do you want to let go of?

It’s up to us, but please don’t forget the importance of this time of learning…. don’t allow yourself to be part of any gaslighting. Know your own inner truth.


Much love and regards for peace

Our contributions – Where do we fit?

Our contributions – Where do we fit?
by Shiela Reed

(I first saw this article the first part of April 2020 and I immediately connected to it, but it was truly on just one personal level- so it kept coming back to me and now has resonated to expand to a deeper connected meaning to share as a blog.) Thank you for checking it out… I hope it expands even further for you. πŸ’“


[My initial response] –

Ahhhhhh! This makes sense now! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

So maybe I’m NOT the only one who hasn’t turned on a TV in weeks?!

I guess that’s why I haven’t been too bored yet.

Yes I miss friends and being in person social things but I’ve appreciated and enjoyed my solitude. I’m pretty sure I’m really more introverted than it may have always appeared… πŸ’™

[After it kept coming back to me for more reflection] –

I see this article now as one possibility of why the stay at home thing hasn’t been exactly horrible for me – yes it’s been an adjustment- it took a minute to reorganize my own brain around how I was managing my days. It became very obvious that my work day was something I “compartmentalized” and tried to “leave behind” when I was physically leaving a building! That became impossible with it sitting at my kitchen table. There was no training or assistance with how to do this… I had to rely completely on my own skill set and draw from my experiences as well as go deeper into “trusting” my own inner guidance.

It’s been a struggle, even though I feel like I have a pretty decent level of “awareness”.
So while I, like most others I imagine, continue to “adjust” and hopefully explore what this time is meaning for us and what it’s showing us – I personally am trying to reconnect and harness a deeper level of compassion for everyone and everything. I truly don’t want to “miss the lesson(s)”.

I am and will continue to learn and grow. I love this opportunity- it isn’t and hasn’t been easy. There are a lot of “shadows” when we dig within. But it’s ok to see those and explore what it is that’s holding me/us back. And honestly ask – Do we even want to?

While this article above talks about my particular generation- I know that no “one generation” has the total answer or ability to make it alone.
For example another article about the future and specifics to this virus connects the important role of millennial’s to become the leaders of the future. As well as the important contribution the older generations can make.


I have also seen many stories about other generations that have lived through extremely challenging times and have great advice to share. So there is a lot out there…

To me, it’s all such an important reminder that we ALL have something to contribute. Be it in a family, a team, a work environment, our community or the world as a whole. We can ALL learn from one another if we choose to see it that way. Yes, the future belongs to the younger generations – that used to be US. Just as it USED to be our parents, grandparents and ancestors.
They all did the best they could with what they knew and could at the time. Just like we are trying to do. Sure some probably made “poor decisions on purpose”… we just need to remember that as long as we are doing the best we can today and make a real effort to NOT purposely choose harm to others, our planet, ourselves… we will at least be contributing to a collective of change and hopefully toward positive collaboration with our whole system and the universe.

I know that got a little “woowoo” for some, but I’m trusting that the feeling and meaning behind it will still land in your heart like it has in mine.

I just wanted to share today… 😊 thanks for listening. ❀

Be well, stay safe, and continue to grow in love and light

Another message in March: What is Essential?

Another message in March: What is Essential?

By Shiela Reed

We are in a time of learning. Recognizing we are all “essential” in our right. As we watch things unfold we recognize that things we thought were “true” and/or important- may not have been as much so…

I have observed our country, our states, cities and town, our agencies, and families begin to truly struggle with this. Now acknowledging things that have been taken for granted as actually being “essential” all along while other things had been being treated as “necessary” really are not.

Unfortunately some are still holding onto old ideals and there is a power struggle. All around us as well as within. While I am saddened by the way some are handling it, I am equally refreshed by the fortitude of many others. We individually have many things to “work through” and THIS part of the process will be what heals the whole (the collective).

I hope as the clarity comes, the courage will not be too far behind. I continue to say the serenity prayer in these times as it helps to refocus me.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

As we settle in the next round of expanding “shelter in place” – I cannot help but feel all the information coming in regarding how to care for ourselves, loved ones, and those most important to us. We may even find ourselves reevaluating who those people truly are. There are some very wonderful things being shared and extremely creative individuals sharing their gifts. Which we each have. I am reminded that even sharing that with one other person makes a difference and expands our vibrations of love by at least ten fold.

As this last week was a personal struggle on some levels, I would like to share why and what clarity came to me at the end of it…

My place of employment (like many) scrambled to come up with ways for the bulk of the workforce to work from home.
I cannot imagine the added layers of thought and debate it took and continues to take to make these hard decisions.
With information changing minute to minute and the overall pressure of the unknown over all.
While I saw the resolve of a large agency workforce – even if it wasn’t always pretty – we made it through one of the toughest weeks.

There was a lot of “hard”.
Struggles to make “office situations” become workable from home.
Shifting very serious policies and procedures to best accommodate the situation so the people we care for could still be cared for.
Deciding who worked from where and when. Who still needed to see people, who could briefly go to the office or not.
Figuring out how that all gets tracked and documented without having our usual tools.

The only thing that I ended up noting that did not make sense was the appearance of adding a new “initiative/task” as an “emergency” thing to do this same week. I still am questioning WHY? Why right then in the midst of a pandemic crisis did something become emergent? When staff were already uneasy, confused, and stressed. To me this was poor timing and a poor choice to inflict such unnecessary and undue added stress on a workforce that is NEEDED so desperately to remain healthy!

We all know these days that added stress lowers ones immune system and thus increases risk for illnesses. THIS is NOT the time to add stress! Even if there is something that is immediately needed (as was the case for many first responding agencies) there are different ways to approach that with an already stressed staff.

These are unprecedented times and we NEED people in leadership positions that will start thinking, behaving, and then acting compassionately. Not dictating or power mongering keeping people stuck in their fear, anxiety and worry.

This can easily hold true for any of us in any roll. Parents toward their kids, friends to other friends, bosses to employees, spouse to spouse..ect. if we ourselves don’t recognize where we are functioning from, we can all easily slip into this place of fear, anger, resentment etc – and then it can tend to lead to actions of over controlling.

Or course there are also some not so nice people out there who have no desire or interest in noting anything about themselves and will take this type of opportunity to run over as many people as they can – and to those people WE may need to open our mouths and have a voice to say that it is NOT OK when it crosses our personal boundaries.

Not because we are “better” but because in our hearts we recognize that it does not meet with our own integrity. This is our point of choice. Say something, yet we may still have to realize that if there is no change, WE then choose to stay or go.

I realize this can be a tough one to sort through. I struggle here frequently. So I try to remember- that it is the WISDOM to know the difference in what our true essentials are, after all… πŸ˜‰

Peace, love, and blessings
❀ Shiela

March Message of the Month: Common Sense

March Message of the Month: Common Sense

by Shiela Reed

Having so called “common sense” is not something we are born with. It is learned as we are taught the fundamentals of life. We learn from our parents, family members, friends, schools, religious affiliations, and basically society as a whole. Sure some have a propensity to learning, but most can still grasp basic reasoning when done early and simply- BUT with a specific focus.
Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, like it or not, we do NOT LIVE ALONE on this planet. Sure there are varying degrees of freedoms which makes it appear that “free will” might even be questioned. But at the core, there is always a choice. When we checked in to this lifetime, we checked in for the “ride” and what there is to learn. About ourselves, the families we ended up in, the cultures we are in, the communities and even the country.

There is always good, bad, ugly, beautiful and every other description of human nature. We see it every day if we choose to. There are wonderful acts of kindness and compassion, there are horrible activities that are full of hate, and there is every degree in between which is where many struggle to decide “where they want to be today”.

This message came in this morning as many contemplate the behaviors of others lately. It sure has been an array of bizarre, kind, helpful, scared, panicked, angry and compassionate. The words “Common sense” came in and it seemed interesting to observe and contemplate my own reaction to that.

As I realized we probably all have a slight degree of difference in what that may be, it does seem that most of us act as if we are on the same page about it a lot of the time. Yet in reality, I notice that people seem to assume that everyone “gets it”. Even that kids should “just get it”.

What becomes apparent is that the reality is that most people DON’T get it because we have been “off” as a collective for so long that we no longer can even communicate about the basics. So we either march along to our own drum or follow the crowd without much given thought. Most folks are so incredibly focused on their own agendas that they do not realize or care that there still is a communal component to our existence. And with this comes “agreements” that we will behave together in certain ways.

Now I am not saying that all of these are necessarily good or bad, I am just pointing out that they exist and this may be where disagreements and division sets in. Over time, living like this with no discussion about the effects on each other, and only thinking individually, takes a toll on a group. THIS is the hard part! My individual wants and needs plus yours… what if they don’t fit together? Who determines that one is more important than the other?

I’m sure I don’t have to point out that rabbit hole.. πŸ˜‰ But what popped in here was the connection to common sense. When there are no discussions and learning early in life about choices – natural consequences along with personal and group balanced living – we struggle. Both individually and as a whole. Again, I am not implying that everyone should just “march in line” and follow the status quo. That is missing the deeper point. It ALWAYS boils down to our individual choices and WHERE those are truly coming from. THEN our behaviors.

None of us can “save humanity”. But it does not mean we cannot do compassionate things out of love to help a neighbor. If our level of “common sense” is based off of selfishness or entitlement- our view of the world and what we do will be different than those that base it off of expansiveness and inclusion.

Think about how our children are learning today. Do they learn to include and think of others? Are they being taught to solve age appropriate problems of their own? Or are they being taught that they are the only ones that matter. That they can get things for “free”. Or that they are not capable of working something out with their peers…

There are so many examples and we all have been struggling to find our way. It’s been going on a LONG time! And it is summarizing right now in front of our eyes throughout the world.

What kind of society DO we want to live in? What does common sense look like? One where we are in a “free for all” all the time to survive? One where we work through hard stuff together? One where we have individual choices and freedoms yet still group rules and norms for basic order?

This is how big this is… it WILL create change. There are things that WILL be different.
Where it goes from here is up to US.

So, what is common sense to you today? Carry on like nothing is happening? Take it as it is and roll with it? Take precautions for the greater good, even though you don’t think you personally need them?

Personally I’m glad we have the freedoms to work through this “hard stuff”. Even if I wish everyone saw “common sense” the way I do. πŸ˜‰ Still, I do hope and pray for more opening in all of our hearts to be able to communicate and work together- even if they/we disagree.

The life we are given is ours to do what we CHOOSE with… we don’t have to all be trailblazers – but we all do count and what we do with our life choices DOES matter to those around us.

May there be much love, peace, and blessings shared from your presence. πŸ’“

Shiela Reed

The Grace I’ve been Given for my AA “birthday”

The Grace I’ve been Given for my AA “birthday”
By Shiela Reed
The grace I’ve been given started with a choice I made. Each and every time it’s been about me relinquishing my pride just enough to allow for a change that has healed me a little more than the day before.
Sometimes these have been very obvious pivotal moments that created a very different path. Other times it’s been very subtle.
During times of deep reflection and contemplation I become very aware of the blessing of Grace and am reminded that I am to be grateful for these opportunities to grow, even when they have tested me to what I think are my limits and I wonder why…This is my truth from when I turned to AA 14 years ago. As one of the pivotal BIG moments that changed the trajectory of my life. That choice was a stepping stone to multiple others and the things I’ve been open to learn about myself simply wouldn’t have been able to take hold without that one decision.
There’s no doubt I was a “hot mess”. Even if most people didn’t even see it that way. It wasn’t as “obvious” on the outside. There were binges enough but not exactly what many people would “add up” to being “a problem”. Sure, later, it may have made sense as an “oh yeah, I could see that” – but a small few really could see…

I was broken inside – but not unmendable. My “link” to my soul self had big gaps and while I saw and knew it was there, the distance between that and what my mind was seeing as “reality” – felt like the Grand Cannon. So I suffered silently and alone. Bouncing back and forth across this “canyon”. Touching base with my true self quietly yet not being able to fully connect it with a “true” living life. This kept me “unwell” and separate. Separate from Source and struggling to have a true connection with myself and others. When I was able to admit the damage and totality of what was being affected INSIDE ME… THAT was when it changed.I barely remember or recognize that life anymore. I think fondly of the times and “fun” and less of the pain since working through all that years ago, but I stay forever aware of the underlying components that create room for backsliding and relapses – of spirit and intention- that could negatively affect my inner integrity and ultimately have the potential to lead me to detrimental choices and behaviors.

My journey of self reflection and personal growth is a real matter of true “life or death” for me. No it isn’t always perfect, nor will it ever be. I have as many rough days as great ones, but I try my best to be thankful for them all.

While I find some interest and satisfaction and even elements of importance in reflection… I know it cannot become stuck lamenting over “should haves” or “could haves”. Each day is new and I have something new to learn. I am no longer that person, yet that person is very much a part of me. Just as our childhoods or pasts are no longer “us” and doesn’t need to “define”/confine us.. they are still very much a PART of us.I may run back into people from my past, I am sure I remember things “differently”.. it is interesting to reflect- but know that I am a new person with new things about me to get to know. That’s the relationship I have with myself today because I’ve been blessed to have it… one choice at a time.

It truly is a “one day at a time” focus that helps maintain neutrality and keeps us from getting stuck in the past or becoming too afraid of the future.

Today I am even more aware of the importance of not going back into the darkness of silence. I do not need to boast or brag or have an egotistical type of pride. (One that is based on thinking it is ALL my doing.) I know this is not the full truth. YES, it is MY choice, and for that I AM proud. Yet I realize to have the opportunity, to be open, and be shown those windows to my soul, is a divine blessing from somewhere greater than me.

For this sharing and oneness of sacred space, I am forever humbled and grateful as my soul/true self connects with my creator and the Divine.

Thank you for another year, another moment in time…

Much love and blessings and thanks for sharing this special time with me. ❀


February Message of the Month: Decisions and True Connection – The Effect on Communication and Contribution

February Message of the Month:
Decisions and True Connection – The Effect on Communication and Contribution

by Shiela Reed

The energies of this month have already proven to be interesting. Things “feel different”. No matter if you are an “awakened” person, “awakening”, still “asleep” – it really doesn’t matter – it just feels like things have “changed”.

While most of us use “labels” to try and define or explain something from our perspective (from where we are right now) – it seems the communication gap is as wide as ever! We are ALL finding ourselves in differing levels of communication struggles and it is very connected to the recent large change associated with the universal energy shifting that has been taking place for years.

There is much talk “out there” about this “concept”/phenomenon/ “reality ” and more and more people are finding their way to information about it. My energy always feels compelled to remind folks of the importance of having that strong inner connection to your own heart, to navigate any and all information- ESPECIALLY in the times we are moving into. But there are many past blogs about that, and this month I am led to share some thoughts that I hope will spark something within you to dig a little deeper.

With the constant barrage of information and opinions flying around today, especially in areas such as social media and media in general, people seem to not be fully assessing for the “accuracy” and truth in information before jumping onto a “bandwagon”. I have caught myself doing this as well and it is impossible to stop ourselves from doing it if we do not SLOW DOWN and give something more thought and from a deeper perspective than our own “opinion” based programming. There is one majorly important thing to remember at these moments and that is that there is for sure more than just this one perspective/opinion and as soon as a person clamps down on a need to be “right” and start “convincing” others about it, true open communication is doomed. These are the triggers for the ego to have a hay-day with us all and keep us separated. And media, advertising, etc. – all know this…

So why is it that we continue to make decisions based on exterior information? Are we truly assessing from a deeper level? Seeing the multiple possibilities… or are we or do we get “stuck” in/on certain “road blocks”/”blind spots”? How, for example is it that we can say we don’t like someone but yet we can’t really give good reasons why? What is our assessment based on? Have we even looked at it from a heart based truth or is it there based on an ego illusion of “trying to protect us” from some unknown force or thing that may not even be true or accurate? What part are we playing in this?

Individual biases are deeper than most people realize. They grow from our own “programming”. Programs that come from family, ancestors, social networks, and society (the collective) as a whole. Sexism, racism, etc. – all these are ways that we are manipulated to be divided. Some we actually choose, some less so…

Regardless, if we don’t connect within our inner spirit and the divine love of and for all …we will continue to be led and manipulated. Those particular “forces” are growing stronger all the time.
Especially if we don’t wake up and start making this connection. There is great fear in change and “letting go” of trying to “control”. When we continue misinterpreting what we can and cannot control, this fear gains a deeper foothold. There is so much information out there and so many ways to access it immediately, that we have got to learn how to disseminate what it’s “true” and accurate for ourselves versus what is just leading us down a different rabbit hole of untruth.

Remember that doesn’t mean that the information that sounds terrible isn’t actually terrible, it may or may not be, depending on who is intercepting it. It’s not that obvious. Sometimes it raises strong emotions and those are times that we should really check ourselves. For example, it has rained for days, it is gloomy and our energy goes low, people complain and want sunshine. But the farmer or an area hit with heat and drought are thankful for the rain. All in due “right timing”…. if we let go of a need to “control”.

What is being triggered for us that would make us want to push our will upon others? Or “request something” for others when we do not really know the full magnitude of the divine will for someone else? Because that’s what it is.
We truly can only know this for ourselves when we are connected within. We do not know the will of our creator or God, whichever name you feel comfortable using. But yet as individuals we also realize we are part of a whole and we need to remember that the combination and culmination of what everyone is “contributing” will give us exactly that which everyone is feeding.

Our results will of course be a “mixture” of us all. Like one big cake. The days and moments when the “majority” are responding in fear or anger or other lower energetic vibrations – our “cake” will taste differently and “feed us” differently and “stick to us” differently than when the “majority” are awake and expressing love, acceptance, gratitude, and willingness for collaboration. Think about and FEEL how differently THIS cake tastes, feeds, and sticks to/with us…

The take away messages that came in for the month have been –

Release.. let go.. receive peace

We are individuals but we are not alone – we each are a part of and contribute to a whole.

It is not about OUR individual ego based “will”. It is our individual heart based “will” that is connected to “the ALL” – that feeds the “will” of the Divine.

Blessings to all-
Contemplate, meditate, and choose from the heart space of your inner you and divine light.

Much love

January 2020 Message of the Month – Balance of Past, Present, and Future

Balance of Past, Present, and Future

by Shiela Reed

Welcome to 2020! A new year and new decade!

What an amazing time to be alive! There is so much going on and I find myself embracing this life as I know it now. This is quite a bit different than how I have known things. It’s nice to actually finally feel that things are coming together.

I had been mostly aware and connected to my physical beingness as far as an outward expression, up to around 2010 and had always felt and had a very “separateness” to my inner self and awareness. I always knew it was there, and I actually always knew what it was saying, but I found myself often “ignoring it”. I kept choosing to be connected to one or the other at different points and finally realized I actually wasn’t “balanced” at all! Instead I needed to “blend” so it was one, the other, both, the same, and neither all at once.

My journey up to that point was a lot of reconciling the past, so as I went deeper into my inner soul journey and what I “thought” that needed to be, I found I really started to separate from my physical and didn’t exactly realize it. So over these years of inner work and “leaving out the physical” – I really just perpetuated a different version of the same duality. As that came more into my awareness the last couple of years I have found myself kind of naturally working on melding/blending/balancing them and naturally finding the inclusion of all my aspects. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual/soul, energetic/etheric.
Interestingly enough, it is not until now, at this point in time, have I really felt such a cool “clearness” to this awareness and what it feels like to kind of be “together” in ONE.

So as I meditate and contemplate this season of my life and feel the awareness of my previous work and especially how the first half of this last decade began to pull together the acknowledgment that my past experiences were learning opportunities, was I able to start to be able to truly embrace and forgive myself for not “knowing everything”. I learned to allow healing of much of my “past”. And as the mid to later parts of the last decade began to show me how to begin looking at the importance of becoming more in-tune with my present self, I found myself naturally ending the last year of this decade also becoming more aware that my future self has something to contribute as well. I find a deep self healing resonance in this space as my true self shows me the creation of my own trinity of “full self”.

THIS has been the most recent work I have been doing and it is very humbling how this has shown itself to me and how the next decade of the journey for me is to be about further combining, melding, and balancing all three to feel true PEACE in my present moments.

So I feel compelled to share the message of this month, the first month of a new year and new decade- as it is time to feel balance in our past, present, and future.

As I draw from my own journey and works and the message that has come forward for this month and year, my hope is that there is something that resonates to move you one step closer to your own true purpose in your own journey.

While we all have different places we are at, there is a need for understanding and remembering that it’s all important, but just in different ways than our mind tries to understand it. I believe this is why it is difficult to write and share it sometimes.

We may know mentally that the “past is the past”, but we don’t understand why we cannot seem to “let go” of something in particular. This is the example of an energetic tie which is usually related to an element of our ego needs being met somehow. We either found safety, solace, acceptance, justification or any other number of “pay off’s” that we thought were meant to “make us feel better” or “support” us in some way.

For me, a very important turning point was being able to truly see that we do the best we can with what we have at the time and I feel that with true heartfelt compassion. While I’ve always said that and known it, I strangely realized, I had seemed to always do this much more freely with others than I could for myself. This is likely why I was drawn to being part of the helping field professions. Once I noticed this began to shift for me, it helped me see there was so much more to my “aliveness”.

I began to see the effects on my “nowness”. So this understanding that truly being PRESENT then expanded to include learning how to reconcile my own past within myself. We can see that occur for people when there is a deeper level of forgiveness that truly has “no strings attached” and it’s expression radiates with a feeling of unconditional love. When I started to feel that for myself, it was amazing the warmth and expansion I felt within.

The present became something that was “more” than it had been. It now included a healed part of me.

Today, there is a recognition that my newest understanding of “being present” also has inclusion of the future. Not as in controlling it and/or being afraid of it, which is what I found to be blocking my ability to truly to connect to it. But a similar kind of lovingness I learned to have by embracing my past.Β  The ability gain the balance of having a connection to my future self is equally important and necessary for me to truly be PRESENT in my current moments.

As this has also been expanding for me, I feel the beginnings of a similar shift. A space of new awareness and growth. It shows me new information about myself and the world I’m a part of. This change and paradigm shift in our present world seems to be reflecting similarly in many others. It says “balance the past and future to create the truest form of the present”.

Clearly we each have our own role/part in this process. It does not mean the present becomes “perfect”. Every “part” still contributes to the “whole”. So they won’t be the same.Β  So we will need to pay attention to being drawn to judgement, of self or others.Β  We will learn to be “ok” with different because deep down we know WE are ok too.

I am truly hopeful that as this year unfolds and the exciting new things emerge- we can all begin to see how we can each choose our parts to contribute to that “newness” and begin to do that more and more together. By combining the cool differences to create something new.Β  A new invention, a new theory, a new thought, a new way of life….Β  Even if we are different from one another.

So may your reflections on your past show you your life lessons and your true inner self show you how to be easy with yourself and others, as you learn to allow those lessons to unfold into new experiences in the present. And in these new experiences may we all be able to see the excitement of a new lesson and the opportunities it brings while not being fearful of our future.Β  Thus we may fully embrace being a soul with a body in this world.Β  And so it is…

Many blessings and hopes for a new year and decade full of building blocks that will be the solid base we each need for the bigger future.