Our Mission

Our desire is to be of service and assist those who are seeking to find a personal inner connection to your true self, the “real you”.

We hope to do that by providing you with information and services that can increase your honest awareness of your energetic being and the mutual relationship that exists between you and the environment you live in.

As we openly share our own experiences with love and support; we will be able to better assist and guide you on your own personal journey.

We respect that no one journey is the same and we each have our own Hearts Path to follow.





May Message of the Month: Change – When Things Become Different

Change – When Things Become Different by Shiela Reed Remember EVERYONE only knows what we know today because we lived and “experienced” through yesterday. Our information and level of knowledge changed based on many different levels of assessing and discerning. There really isn’t anyone that ends up “knowing less” tomorrow than they did today. What …